The High-Performance Work Culture

The last 30 years in corporate have been about the transformation of the work.

The next 20 years in corporate will be about the transformation of the worker.

THE POWER OF CULTURE – A Leader’s Guide to Culture as a Competitive Advantage

1 – THE IMPACT OF CULTURE – A Personal Journey

Organizational Culture is all about how people work together, how they interact, and what they value. Culture manifests itself in people’s behaviors and what they pay attention to.

The new reality is that culture – the “right” culture – can provide an organization with a significant competitive advantage. It is very true that culture can make or break an organization.

In this learning segment, Doug Smith, a former NHL hockey player shares the uplifted, and devastating impact of culture on his behavior, performance, and career.


In a world where the shelf-life of knowledge is approaching that of a banana, the path to organizational success has changed.

In the old West, they used to say there were just two kinds of people – The quick, and the dead. In the era of the knowledge economy, the phrase might well be that there are just two types of organizations – The quick and the dying.

The quick are embracing new ways of managing and leading while the dying are hanging on for dear life to the ways that brought them success in the past.


Culture is all about people so one would think that if you changed the people you could change the culture. But there is a problem.

You can replace 80% of your people with people who have the “right” set of behaviors and presto – you have your new culture. But there is a rub. Come back in 3 years and you will find, that more often than not, the old culture has returned.

So what is the key to successful cultural change, change that sticks and provides an ongoing return? To get the performance culture required for success the organization needs to change those things that drive culture.

What constitutes a winning culture and how do you go about transforming an existing culture into a winning culture? These are the questions answered in Learning # 3


Measurement is key to successful change. Without measurement, the organization is like one of those silver balls in a pinball machine – bouncing around hoping to score.

Measurement – the “right” measurement keeps you focussed on your change goals. Moreover, the right measurement helps the organization’s leaders, managers, and team leaders understand their role in driving the development of a high-performance work culture.

During this learning segment, workshop participants will walk through a simple, yet effective, tool for measuring how they are doing in culture change.


Strategy is sacrifice, try to do everything, then you have no plan, no hope, and especially no future.

Learnings are valuable only to the extent that they are translated into action. In this exercise, people will review the learnings and formulate a simple doable action plan for starting their organization’s, or team’s cultural journey which they (and the operative word is “they) can implement upon returning to the office

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