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My staff and personnel, a combination of military and civilian, benefited tremendously from your experession of your personal experience, in addition to the life lessons and tactics you have acquired throughout your journey.
Lieutenant-Colonel, Angie Lapointe
Canadian Armed Forces - Commanding Officer - Transition Unit
"The feedback on your presentation we received from the participants was simply outstanding! You delivered a practical model for organizational transformation aimed at creating a high performance work culture and I would highly recommend this presentation to other organizations."
Lieutenant-General JM Lanthier
Chief of the Defence Staff, DND, GOC
"Bringing out the best is the goal; dignity, respect, empathy, humility, confidence is the approach. Subconsciously, I was always there, now I understand it better and have made that link with my conscious self. Thank you for helping me understand that this philosophy on life is not merely an idea or thought, but a fundamental truth to what it is to be a human being."
Mark, Manager
Your words in your book have been truly inspiring. Not only has it helped me to start developing my dream, but it is helping me get through the hardships of making this dream become a reality. Within 2 weeks after meeting you and reading your book, I was at work making things happen. Also, because of you, I have found physical health which has been nothing but magnificent and phenomenal. For the first time in 4 years, I am waking up in the morning without headaches. Amazed!
Doug Smith has captured the interest of people around the world because of the important issues he has been addressing in his books, presentations, and with his system. This work is relevant to everyone, and even more so today. We are pleased to have Doug as our Vice-President of Communications and Outreach, as Doug is an experienced professional that can effectively communicate a message to businesses and their employees that we believe is important to hear.
Craig Campbell,
President, JPOM CANADA
A wealth of information for anyone who has suffered trauma. Doug's commitment and System438 will help anyone to overcome their trauma. It is helping me.
Mike Kupchick
After hearing you speak I really went full force into working towards my own dreams. People told me that I would never own my own gym... I move in as the owner of Phase 1 (fitness center and tanning) here in Pembroke Ontario on the 15th of October. I am going to take on some medically releasing soldiers and pass on the same encouragement I got from seeing you at Algonquin College. Thank you so very much.
Erica Murphy
Canadian veteran
Met Mr Smith this week. He is a very good speaker. I am reading his book and it is an awesome read. I am hoping that from his talk and his book that I improve my quality of life. If you have not met Mr Smith and have a chance to see him, I highly recommend it. He is an inspiration to the world.
Duan Landry
Doug has been there, lived through the trauma and wrote the book on it... ...what he has discovered needs to be shared to help others come to a higher level of understanding. Thank you Doug!
Sean Ratcliffe
I am a young man in South Ottawa and I just had to let you know how much your book has done for me. Almost a year ago, I suffered a severe stroke that should have killed me. I was alone for 25 hours before paramedics broke on to the house to save my life. I was in intensive care at the Ottawa civic hospital for 12 days, while doctors contemplated surgery to release the pressure in my head. My good friend Jason Daley went to hear you speak and bought me a copy of The Trauma Code. My Neurologist didn't think I'd ever walk again and I've been skating for 5 months now. I'd love to shake your hand someday

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