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Learning more about Emotional Trauma is good for people and great for the bottom line 

Become Aware,
Be successful

Soul Seekers will learn more about what trauma is & how it works.  Learn how to stay ahead of emotional trauma in business & for a healthier, happier, more prosperous life.


Leaders & managers learn how to measure the blast radius of emotional trauma in business to better manage it and plan for recovery & continuous improvement.


Industry, Universities & Governments learn why & how a Systematic Approach to mental performance predicatively cultivates a happier, healthier work environment.

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You will better understand the cost of invisible trauma and stress?

You will learn about the impact of emotional trauma on society & self.

You will learn why and how to build a “high awareness” business in 2020.

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Course #1 – Review “Easy as 438″ System 438 accurately supports mental and physical performance.

Course #2 – Business & Winning – Defence Procurement, ITBs & Value Propositions 101 – Strategy
– ITB/VP – Some Insights / Guidance

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Book #1 – Thriving in Transition Turning Adversity into the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Book #2 – The Trauma Code Unlocking Your Performance

Book #3 – Performance System 438 A Systematic, Ubiquitous Approach to Human Performance

Maximizing Human Performance by Understanding the Impact of Trauma

“When I broke my neck and my career ended instantly, I thought I would be OK.”
Later, when I woke up in hospital paralyzed from the chest down I thought my life was over. (no arms, no legs, no bladder, no bowels). The impact of a catastrophic physical trauma would ultimately rob me of my emotional well being; my identity, my self image & my self worth. I was stuck emotionally and physically. I needed to know more. During my 13 year recovery we found that I would get better faster by working on my emotional state and not just my physical health.  
We shared what we had discovered with other people who were trying to recover or improve their performance and it worked for them as well. Then, the scientific evidence supporting System 4.3.8 began to surface and medical conferences started hiring me to share my story and System 438 and they loved it.
I am the author of The Trauma Code,  Thriving in Transition, and System 438.  My  books, courses and models make you more aware of the dangers of mental ignorance and provides a systematic approach to better managing trauma and improving your human performance. 
Doug provides clients and colleagues with both understanding of and messaging on, the impact of trauma on employees and on your workplace.  Doug’s clients are able to use this understanding and messaging to the benefit of their employees, their families and the performance of their organization.

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