“The feedback on your presentation we received from the participants was simply outstanding! You delivered a practical model for organizational transformation aimed at creating a high performance work culture and I would highly recommend this presentation to other organizations.”
Lieutenant-General JM Lanthier
Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, DND, GOC

Knowledge Transfer RE: Human Performance

I wrote The Trauma Code and designed the systematic approach to deciphering The Code. 

Anyone who sees the performance approach I teach begins using it and their performance improves.

When you know better, you are bound to do better

The system is easy to teach and learn in an afternoon and becomes a memorable roadmap to consistently improve mental performance and defuse underlying problems you might not have seen. 

If you want to go faster and be happier let’s talk. 





“When I went full speed head first into the end boards shattering my spine into hundreds of small pieces, it was not the physical impact I remember most clearly. It is the emotional trauma I can recall vividly. Even today.

The agonizing worry for my family, the thought of not having done my best as a friend, husband, colleague,  and wishing for a second chance to do better.

The impact has taught me that success is not about being the best in the world …  success for me is about being the best for the world.” 

Advisors to Leading Technology Innovators

“If you are a technology firm interested in accelerating through the many provincial and national funding models for technology companies offered by Government and industry, we should have a conversation.”
Doug Smith, VP Communications & Outreach – JPOM