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Why and how The Trauma Course can work for you and those you care about.

4 Types of Trauma – In this course, you will become aware that there are only 4 types of trauma we all experience and suffer from. We will show you how to manage trauma better and begin to improve your performance by using a simple process.

3 Priorities of Your Subconscious Brain – Your subconscious brain controls more than 95% of your human functioning. Like an 800 lb gorilla, the subconscious brain can act irrationally and can do tremendous damage to your life. In this course, you will understand the priorities of your subconscious brain and how to nurture it.

8 Behaviours – There are 8 behaviours that systematically feed the 3 priorities of your subconscious brain. These simple behaviours will keep your 800 lb gorilla happy and working for you. You will learn what these 8 behaviours are, the order to put them in for the best results, and simple actions you can perform to cultivate these behaviours.

Have a great day! Doug Smith

The course includes Bonus Downloads.  Before starting the course it's a recommended that you download and print out the following:

  • The Trauma Guide - Your Performance Playbook - (Active Link For Paid Members)
  • The Trauma Checklist - (Active Link For Paid Members)