Meditate & Thrive with 'AWARENESS'
Unlock your Mind to Improve Your Performance

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Performance - Listen

Subconscious programming dictates 95%+ of human behaviour. Your subconscious mind is the most malleable when brain waves are slower and thoughts are intentional. Gain a competitive advantage by simply listening. Decide the trajectory for your life and create new behavioural patterns while enjoying the pleasure & health benefits of deep relaxation.

NOTE:  This ‘AWARENESS’ Meditation is a free Gift from Doug & Paula.   

Enhanced Health

Develop new neural pathways that enhance brain health and cognitive function.

Noticable Results

Experience noticeable results that have a profound impact on your business and personal well-being.

Personal Empowerment

Empowering affirmations, visualizations that foster resilience and personal growth.

About Doug and Paula


Doug Smith began his training in TM (Transcendental Meditation) at 13 years old. Diagnosed with ADHD in childhood, his parents decided to put Doug in meditation classes instead of on medication. He would make it to the NHL by age 18. When Doug broke his neck and was paralyzed playing professional sports, he used meditation to escape the emotional agony and rebuild physically.


Paula Oness is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. and founder of Mind Over Everything. A company that specializes in personalized meditations and therapy. Paula has experienced the wrath of Cumulative Emotional Trauma in her life. When Paula began to focus on her subconscious programming, rapid change began to occur for her. As she does with her clients today, she worked from point B to point A. to help them find her better path.


Paula is an intuitive listener and really dove in to fully understand my goals and vision. The recordings make it clear as to what actions I need to take every day to reach my goals. I'm very grateful for Paula and her amazing way to keep me on the right path. I 100% recommend a personalized recording from her for anyone wants to level up.
Tyler Colins!
Doug Smith provides fresh, eye opening insights into how we as humans have a subconscious need to support others. He explains how we can leverage basic desire to achieve higher levels of health, happiness and success”
Ivan Misner
NY Times Best Selling Author